H&K Rolling Mill Engineers P. Ltd.              

              (The World No. 1 Supplier of QST & THERMEX Technology)

 Provides  under Exclusive & Perpetual Collaboration with HSE, Germany


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As a leading provider of Quenching & Self-Tempering (QST) technology and systems, we take pride in offering the unique THERMEX technology - the most preferred & envied. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Our proven track record of over 28 years of service to the nation and steel industry is proof of our dedication.

Our Chairman, R. K. Markan, has been recognised by numerous civil engineering bodies over the past 15 years as a "one man army" who has been instrumental in advocating use of proper type of steel reinforcement in RCC works in Indian Region - a high seismic hazard area. He was singly responsible for the stoppage in the use of CTD rebars in the Region in the 1990s by his relentless pursuit of this objective through articles in magazines & presentation of papers at International seminars and conferences. These societies and bodies have honoured him with Life Time Achievement and other Awards in recognition of his services of "educating" civil & structural engineers about "Steel Reinforcement" and the poor quality of rebars (CTD) used by them.

Yes, H&K India is the "rebar" trend setter in the Indian Region and neighbouring countries.


THERMEX, THERMEX QST & TMX are registered trademarks owned by H&K Rolling Mill Engineers Pvt. Ltd. in countries of INDIAN Region (except Bangladesh)

THERMEX is the regd. trademark of HSE Germany who has allowed H&K India to own it in the Indian Region countries (HSE registered the trademark in Bangladesh)