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THERMEX Quenching &  Self Tempering (QST) Technology was invented by Franz TAMM, shareholder of HSE Germany, the Company that holds all world rights to the Technology, patents, trademark related to THERMEX Technology and the special Quenching Pipes used for quenching in this system. However, HSE Germany has granted exclusive and perpetual rights to H&K India for the Indian Region comprising India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. H&K India has also been allowed to own the registered trademark THERMEX in the Indian Region, except Bandladesh where HSE Germany had already applied for its registration before the Agreement with H&K India was contemplated and signed. 

The Markan family, the owners of H&K Rolling Mill Engineers Pvt. Ltd. and its Directors have a very healthy rapport with the shareholders and Directors of HSE Germany - and the bond has strengthened with each passing year over the past 28 years (initially through H&K Germany). There is a continuous flow of technical information in both directions to the benefit of both parties. The inventor, Franz Tamm is also a Director of H&K India and the friendship between R. K. Markan and F. Tamm is over 30 years old. 

    Directors of HSE Germany signing the Perpetual Exclusive Collaboration Agreement with H&K India     Shareholders of H&K India sign the Perpetual Exclusive Collaboration Agreement with HSE      Friendship of 3 decades - Markan and Tamm   R. K. Markan, Chairman and Radhika Markan, Managing Director of H&K India with Franz Tamm, inventor of THERMEX at a Seminar

HSE Germany and H&K India have together supplied over 300 Thermex Systems all over the world (with an estimated installed capacity of over 40 million tonnes) - making THERMEX the WORLD LEADER in QST TECHNOLOGY. 





THERMEX, THERMEX QST & TMX are registered trademarks owned by H&K Rolling Mill Engineers Pvt. Ltd. in countries of INDIAN Region (except Bangladesh)

THERMEX is the regd. trademark of HSE Germany who has allowed H&K India to own it in the Indian Region countries (HSE registered the trademark in Bangladesh)