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The Journey from 1982                                                                             Back  


A short narration of the H&K India journey starting from 1982 when the Wolfgang Kluetsch, Mg. Director of H&K Germany first met R. K. Markan, Rolling Mill Engineer & Consultant in Mumbai that resulted in the two of them deciding to set up a Joint Venture Company in India for introduction of modern technologies & equipment in the Rolling Mill sector in Indian Region. 


Wolfgang Khuetsch, MD of H&K, the German Partner in the JVC

In 1982, enroute to Australia, Wolfgang Kluetsch, MD of H&K Germany  stopped in Mumbai for a meeting with R. K. Markan to explore setting up a Joint Venture Company in India. A reciprocal visit to H&K Germany offices in Saarlouis and further discussions resulted in the signing of a preliminary Collaboration Agreement for setting up a JVC. H&K India was registered as a Company in Mumbai on 16 May 1985 under the name of H&K ROLLING MILL ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. (H&K India) - the parent Company Hoestemberge & Kluetsch GmbH was referred to as H&K Germany.

H&K Germany was renowned for its expertise in innovative designs for mill auxiliary equipment - made to suit specific requirements of a rolling mill. Mention should be made of their Grip & Trough Tilters, Stop-Start Rotary Shears, bundling & Binding Systems for bar bundles up to 5Tonnes, Turn-over Cooling Beds, Travelling Hot & Cold Saws etc which earned them global recognition during 1965 to 1985. 


R. K. Markan, Indian Partner of the JVC

R. K. Markan was a Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years experience in modern rolling mills and exposed to the latest technologies employed in European & Japanese mills and with unmatched project experience by virtue of being involved in setting up of Mukand's Wire Rod Project - the first in the world to use Continuously Cast Billtets for manufacture of high carbon and alloy steel wire rods.

Unlike others in the country, he had been exposed to all aspects of a Rolling Mill viz. Planning, Project Execution, Erection & Commissioning of European Mills, Roll Pass Designs & Schedules, Erection, Commissioning, Operation, Production in & Maintenance of European Mills such as those built by Morgardshammar & Ashlow.


H&K Germany and R. K. Markan signed an Agreement to set up a Joint Venture Company in India.


The Indian Joint Venture Partners
Formal government approval for the Joint Venture was received only in February 1988. From the very start the Founders were clear about the type of Company they wanted H&K India to be and it was agreed that the Company would essentially run as per a few guidelines:
  • - Basic objective was technological upgradation of rolling mill equipment used in Indian steel mills to global levels
  • - Introduce latest global technologies & practices in Indian Rolling Mills
  • - Not to set up a manufacturing facility - but to concentrate on engineering skills  
  • - The special H&K equipment to be manufactured in select workshops under a Secrecy & Licence Agreement.
  • - Strictly observe Indian laws.



    Initial break-through in the Indian market was almost instant through two prestigous orders. The first was received from Durgapur Steel Plant of S.A.I.L against their Global Tender for modernisation of their Merchant Bar Mill involving addition of Crop-Cobble shear, Slit-rolling, Thermex Technology & System, Start-Stop Dividing Shear and Two Bundling-Binding Systems for max 5 T Bundles. 

    The other order was for revamping a new Alloy Steel Bar Mill at Kalyani Steels, Pune through addition of the very popular H&K Grip and Trough Tilters. The Trough Tilter at Kalyani was only the 3rd in the world!

    H&K India was on its way.


        Franz Tamm - Inventor of THERMEX


    In 1982-83 H&K had numerous meetings with HSE (then in East Germany) to finalise an agreement to market and supply the newly patented THERMEX Technology & System in Indian Rolling Mills. R. K. Markan was part of these discussions since the Indian JVC would be responsible to introduce this revolutionary technology. It was the start of a very long association with Franz Tamm, the inventor.

    H&K organised a special seminar on THERMEX in 1984 at Dusseldorf, Germany for Indian visitors to the METEC exhibition. This was literally a "Houseful" meet and was followed up with seminars in India.

    Thermex had gained a foothold in the Indian Region.





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