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H&K India and its personnel have been driven by the desire to upgrade technologies used in India to levels of those available in the most advanced countries of Europe. This was the basic objective in forming the Company. After starting this work in Indian Rolling Mills - in the main & secondary mills - during the initial years of 1985-1995 attention was directed towards steel reinforcement in RCC works. It had been observed during visits to Germany that the CTD rebars used in India had been dis-allowed in Europe since 1972! That was a "rude awakening" of sorts.

A new challenge lay ahead. CTD rebars had to be stopped in India too (and Indian Region) because most (nearly 60%) of the country lay in the high seismic hazard areas of seismic zones 3, 4 & 5. It is now over 32 years of our campaign to give the Region proper and safe steel rebars - human life here was as important as of those in Europe.

The campaign - articles in magazines, participating & organinsing seminars, conferences for the civil engineering fraternity, papers presented to structural engineers, providing alternative international level rebars, highlighting drawbacks in Indian Standards for steel rebars and much more - was indeed successful. Our Chairman came to be known as 'the Rebar Man', 'Man of Steel' and a 'One-Man Army' bent upon improving the quallity of rebars used in India.

This effort was recognised and appreciated by nearly all the Bodies & Societies of civil and structural engineers and their gratitude was displayed through a series of Awards bestowed to our Chairman, R. K. Markan and the Company. A few of these, alongwith photos, are displayed on this page.


  Vishveshvaraiya Life Time Achievement Award, 2003:                                             

  RK Jha presents LTA - Award                                       LTA Award



  American Concrete Institute-India Chapter      India Concrete Institute, 2005

              Appreciation, 2003:                                       Annual Lecture:


  American Concrete Institute-India Chapter, 2007 - Life Time Achievement Award 2007:

 R. K. Markan's work: "a One Man Army with a mission. All this is beyond comprehension even for corporate sectors."



   American Biographical Institute - 2011 Award of Excellence

                  (Field of Steel Reinforcement Bars)




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