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4-Strand Slit Thermex Pipe "MADE-in-INDIA" by H&K India Commissioned


H&K India, has over the years, sponsored and organised many seminars and conferences of civil and structural engineers and presented papers  at these events about the need to discard use of Cold Twisted Rebars (as done in Europe in early 1970s) and opt for the global quality of rebars with high strength with excellent ductility (stress ratio and elongation). At such events the civil fraternity was also informed of the global changes in Standards and Codes such as use of "uniform elongation" in place total elongation (AS/NZS 4671-2001) and desired properties in rebars for construction in high hazard seismic zones, such as India where almost 60% of the land falls in the highly seismic zones 3, 4 & 5.

Pictures from a few such events are posted here.








H&K India celebrated its 30th Anniversary on 16.05.2015









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